WINTER IS HERE: Winter Haircare Tips

Winter is already here and we would just like to add some few tips we have learnt along the way. In these winter months the struggle for most naturals is on how to retain moisture in our hair to prevent it from breakage. So a major thing to notice is the temperature decrease and how dry the air becomes during winter. The winter air usually has low humidity; which is not so great for us as our strands tend to stay moisturised partly by absorbing the moisture content in the air (humidity). This is the time when your hair needs the most protection and moisture retention. Keeping our natural hair healthy during the winter months can be very challenging. Fear not my friends, we have decided to give you 9 helpful tips to help you through.

  • Try using mild shampoos: Sulphate free shampoos is best for natural hair to avoid constantly drying out your natural hair. Also co-washing is a good idea during the winter months. Pre-pooing before a wash can also help to prevent damage during your routine shampoo day. Try and invest in a good deep conditioner that is effective enough to keep your hair moisturised. 


  • Avoid dry scalp: It is very possible to get dry scalp during the winter period so you should avoid neglecting your scalp. Try using oils (GOZI Hair Oil recommended) to frequently nourish and stimulate your hair growth. 


  • Your ends!! (are where you should be protecting): Trim, seal and protect your ends!! Don’t forget your scalp. Protect your ends with protective styles and up-dos. A major goal should be to protect your ends which are the oldest part of your hair. So also while wearing hats pay attention to avoid snags, so you can wear a silk scarf stylishly underneath to help with this. Steaming your hair can be very helpful for your hair ends too. Protective styles come in to save the day most times but scarves are also very good if you know how to wear them stylishly.  


  • Deep conditioning is your best friend: Use deep conditioners with ingredients that can penetrate your hair shaft, moisturise your hair strands and promote hair growth. Essentially deep conditioners that are good and beneficial to having healthy hair.


  • Steaming your hair is essentially good in winter months: Dry winter air equals thirsty hair strands because there is no humidity in the air. To help your deep conditioner work better, using steam treatment to open up your hair follicles to allow the ingredients penetrate is quite helpful. You can even make a steam treatment fun and pampering by trying different ways to fit it into your regime without stress. Also when you can, simply steam your hair while taking a shower (go into the shower without covering your hair with a shower cap). Your hair would simply try to absorb the moisture content in the air and start puffing up (note if you are trying to preserve a style such as a braid out or twist out steaming in the shower may puff up your curls so this style wouldn’t hold as long) 


  • LOC Method:The LOC method is very good to help retain moisture for styling your hair. How it works:


-L=Liquid/ Leave-in-conditioner
-C= Cream

Also protect your hair by using heavier/thicker oils which act as sealants, sealing your hair cuticles. These oils would help you lock in moisture content in your hair and prevent it from escaping. These oils also help to prevent dry and itchy scalp. Try your best pick of your favourite heavy oils, massage into your hair daily. Our GOZI Hair Oil and Shea Butter moisturising crème are best sellers and our top picks in this case. They were specifically formulated for this moisturising process. It is important to note though that heavy oils/ butters when used can also limit the amount of moisture that would be able to enter the hair follicle during rehydration. This is why shampooing regularly after sealing is important. It helps to re-open the cuticle for rehydration.So after washing your hair, to help you retain moisture, you should use your favourite leave in-conditioner, and then apply your oils to help lock in the moisture content (steam/water) and lastly the cream to seal in the moisture after the oils. This method has been known to help LOC in moisture to keep your hair hydrated.

  • Humectants: Humectants are usually used in skin and hair care products to promote moisture retention (e.g glycerine). They are able to absorb water from the atmosphere. In winter months the opposite might happen where due to using these, water leaves your hair into the air by diffusion.


  • Silk: Protect your hair from snags while you sleep. Try using a sleeping bonnet or pillow case to help protect your hair from being pulled out by harsh material.


  • Eat and Drink Healthy: Hydrate your body by drinking water regularly especially during the winter months! Healthy hair and body starts with what you consume, try to maintain a healthy diet, eat those greens, up your protein intake e.t.c

 And make sure to avoid stressing this winter so enjoy playing with your hair and don’t stress!!