Ngozi Ossai is a Biomedical scientist who founded GOZI Haircare. It all started in 2010 when she first went natural. She cut off all her long relaxed hair. She was tired of having damaged, thin and colored hair. She wanted healthier hair. She had watched TV programmes as a young girl and often wondered why her hair couldn’t just be the “wake up and go type as seen on American TV shows ”. After her big chop, she soon realised there were no products in the market specific to taking care of her natural 4C hairtype.

She got online, Youtube and blogs which emphasised that there was little to no representation for her hair.  She researched online for the best ingredients that work for her hair type. Using her test mixtures on herself, family and friends she arrived on the GOZI haircare formulas today for the Hair Oil and Shea butter Moisturising creme. Evidently her formula has tremendously helped her hair growth to its current hair length today. She was determined to make her natural 4C hair grow despite the stereotype. 8 years later, after fine tuning her natural mixes, they have worked. She found the perfect mix of natural ingredients to help retain moisturise in her hair strands and help stimulate her hair growth. She shared this with family and friends who absolutely loved it as it worked. She has now decided to share them with you!

She hopes to change the narrative about natural haircare.  She intends to produce natural hair products that actually work with a careful aim to use ingredients that are good and safe. She is passionate and committed to use her degree (Biomedical Sciences Newcastle University), personal and industry experience to bridge the gap in this market so the future generation of natural women and young girls would find it easier than she has so far.

Our vison at GOZI Haircare is to provide non- toxic, natural and vegan friendly products (no harmful chemicals) suitable for natural hair, relaxed hair and essentially the tightly curled hairtypes such as her 4C hairtype. To produce safe products that actually work!