GOZI Haircare
Hello Gorgeous!
My Name is Ngozi (Ozzi) and I’m the founder of GOZI Haircare. I would like to thank you for purchasing our products. I would also like to tell you my personal story on my natural hair journey. After my BIG CHOP in 2010, I was frustrated that I could not find products specifically for my hair type. Also, I was not very happy that there was little representation of the tighter curls online. It was like I had to mix and match with what was already on the market; either for curly hair (looser curls) or straight hair. My hair-type is very tightly curled often referred to as the 4C Hairtype. Two main needs I identified for my 4C hair was; firstly the need to be able to retain moisture and secondly the need for hair growth stimulation by nourishing with the right nutrients.
I gave up with what was on the shelves in stores and online in terms of hair products/creams and decided to try something new using myself as my own test subject. I would wash my hair and use my HAIL OIL mix on my scalp constantly (e.g for my hot oil treatments or anytime my scalp felt dry). Also after my hair wash, I would apply my SHEA BUTTER MOISTURISING CREME, which I had kept updating and altering the recipe based on how it felt on my hair each time I used it. These two products have helped me get my hair to it’s current hair length today. Now, as a Biomedical scientist my research continues.
After charting my hair journey/length check on YouTube (Check Ozzichiq), I realised that this was not a problem I was facing alone, which is why I would like to share with you what has helped with my haircare routine; the first range of GOZI Haircare products. They helped with my healthy haircare and growth since 2010. I am now making it available to you so that you don’t have to struggle like I did. We sent out sample products to a group of wonderful volunteers at the start of the year (2018), they tried our products and loved them!
By buying from us, you are in turn buying into our bigger dream of changing the narrative on natural hair care and helping to provide products that help you grow and care for your hair in its natural state.
Be You and Be Beautiful!



Love Ozzi